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Message Subject Outside blinked off?
Poster Handle Seer777
Post Content
1:39pm 01/04/2013
It was like blinking but i did not blink.. Wife seen it kids seen it ..The sun is not facing my big window to the out doors! In North Carolina LOL wow

 Quoting: ItsAllAMile

I saw something very similar around the same time here in Oregon.

A 'blink' is what I likened it to as well.

 Quoting: Seer777

thinking seer
our base line which maintains visible structure in our material dimension is the static electric field (flower of life design)
if that locally flickered of /on, as it could

for a fraction of a second or so outside would be invisible to our sense of sight while our own internal self generating electric field maintained our senses, including sight, to witness it
we may sense the fluctuation as in feel it and or see it

the result would be what you and the poster are saying

local could mean all earth or parts of it linked to the same cause, whatever that may be
thus different locations simultaneously same affect noticeable to sensitive personalities
 Quoting: aether


I will say as well there is 'feeling' that comes along with it.

Very similar to a blink, but you didn't blink. It only lasts a split second so if you are not hyper aware or in a less distracting environment, you can miss it.

However, you may still feel it.

Like a click...kinda. Really hard to explain.


Having electrical phenomena with lights carries a similar sensation. Or the phantom 'pops' which occur with thought.

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