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Message Subject Nobody Charged After Marijuana Defendant Dies In Jail [R.I.P. Nobody]
Poster Handle January Wolves
Post Content
Nothing will be done about this unless someone reports it to authorities on a higher level such as state or even FBI. I hope his mom follows through. Hopefully she will get an autopsy to verify cause of death. There are state laws on the handling of inmates and a C.O. can not deny them access to medical.

This type of thing happens more than we will ever know. It is covered-up and if relatives sue it is often settled out of court and never makes the newspapers.

I know of a similar, alleged case where the inmate had been brutally beaten when being booked. After he was housed he kept asking the CO to see medical. The CO ignored him and he went to bed in his cell but started having convulsions.

They called an ambulance which came to get him while he was still alive. He died when he got to the hospital. But the jailers were smarter than the jailers in the OP. They O.R.'d him (released on own recognizance) despite being picked up on a parole violation and the newspaper just reported that he had died at the hospital. There was no tie to the jail that way as far as the public was concerned.

I say "alleged" case because I was told this by someone who had friends inside the jail as inmates who had witnessed both the beating & the refusal to give medical attention. I did find both his arrest record that night for parole violation and also for same date his obituary. But the inmates who witnessed it apparently were too afraid to talk to higher authorities due to reprisals so it became a mote issue.

And, yes, that young man broke the law but what about the jailers who also broke laws. Inmates have already faced their judge, jury and are paying for their crimes.
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