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Message Subject The Nobody is Alone
Poster Handle 1908247
Post Content
Can anyone on this thread explain to me how so much is known about the nobody, yet no one can yet identify them? Would you be willing to share where you are getting your information from?
 Quoting: Rising Son

Oh, I see, you are new around here.
 Quoting: 1908247

For the most part, anyway. I've been here since June of 2012, so you could say I haven't been around that long. Would you be willing to give me the crash course in the nobody, is in the condensed version explaining the concept?
 Quoting: Rising Son

but thats the thing, most of the people talking about it actually are just making it up, you cant exactly have a source.

but then you have specific kinds of users commenting on those threads, posts that are to be interpreted not in its veracity, but in how they can be 'reduced' and 'traced back'.

then there are users completely driven by ' ' archonic influences, you can spot some evil intent.

ps: i'm high, but sure you can understand what I just said

(I was actually gonna write 'not sure' but it came out 'but sure', lol)

oh look, the comment was exactly at 9:47, lol

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