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Message Subject The Nobody is Alone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
he is a doctor


Sane habitants do not conflict, respecting exact laws. In each
conflict almost one combatant is mentally insane.
Monotheistic god can't be other than "god of medicine" too:
worshipers should cure insane people like good doctors would do.
Wrong definitions can affect their correlated definitions;
every paedophile and homicide bomber has mental illness or
disabilty; any reduction of penalty for illness has no sense.
Also crimes against the patrimony or with economic motive are
non physiological conducts.

Methods of correction and discipline are by itself pathologic
behaviors previewed as crime by the actual penal code;
some medical certification is needed for their legitimacy,
indicating wich behavioral disturb all children or those children
have, that must be corrected with these methods.
Otherwise we could be in presence of a psychiatric epidemic,
prophedeutical to worse actions against children,
that can lead to a big part of suicides, addictions,
school slaughters, bombing attacks, criminal behaviors,
psychiatric pathologies.
Realizable hypotesis: "Inhabitants kill active gays, active gays
are not born active gays: inhabitants corrupt and kill them,
making a ritual sacrifice "

Killing animals is a pathological activity by general rule.
A derogation for nutritional integration must be certificated.
Or it is a duty by law, or it is a pathology and a crime.
In every case it is a parasitic activity.
Children have no sexual attraction for parents; mind is not
partitioned in 3 parts.
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