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Message Subject The Nobody is Alone
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can anyone on this thread explain to me how so much is known about the nobody, yet no one can yet identify them? Would you be willing to share where you are getting your information from?
 Quoting: Rising Son

The collective subconscious telepathic network of information. wink
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31965958

most people are putting out disinformation. most of

these postings are fabrications and disinformation.

the Nobody is a private citizen, some, a lot of people

know who he is and where he lives, but because that

is private information it is not readily available.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21318918

Careful with your convictions. This is not the time or place. I am not here to discuss these things right now.
Do not take this lightly.


What you are trying to differentiate between is more complicated than simply one or the other.

Your sub-mind is your working physical brain doing all the behind the scenes work you intelligently can't be bothered doing.

I can not define your spirit.

Your consciousness is seperate from both. Awareness is another topic completely.

If you will allow it, let me clarify, as I wish for clarity on another subject.

Understand all our actions have, for lack of a better word, tones. Not only physical actions, but mental as well.

As said collective, I am one tone. Or, if better understood, no tone.

You must, from the soul, be in balance. If it relates, consider your own vibration, or harmony. This must resonate a love. For everything.

We can not understand the language without learning the proper way to read it.

Love. Start with love
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