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Good story: David Hasselhoff's ex-wife married a man named Michael Knight

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01/10/2013 03:48 PM
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Good story: David Hasselhoff's ex-wife married a man named Michael Knight
"The Real Knight Rider Was David Hasselhoff’s Ex-Wife"

"Thanks to my adventurous parents.......................etc

Just ask Catherine Hickland, the real Knight Rider...

She first appeared in Knight Rider on March 4, 1983, in the episode White Bird. She must have had quite an effect on star David Hasselhoff, because in less than a year, they got married. Hickland had two more episodes in the series, first Let It Be Me on May 13, 1984, then on January 3, 1986, when in The Scent of Roses their wedding was recreated only so that her character can get shot at the altar. Drama at its best!

Knight Rider was finished seven months later after they all realized they couldn't top Super Pursuit Mode, while their marriage was over right before they could celebrate their five-year anniversary. But Hasselhoff kept himself busy, as Baywatch was on the verge of starting up.
After playing in some of the most influential movies of the late eighties, Catherine Hickland started a new phase, which included getting married again in 1992. And this is where it gets twisted...

Not only did she marry a guy called Michael E. Knight, but a guy who looked like this. Hairy chest, leather jacket, everything."

Real the whole article here and see the pictures LOL:

[link to jalopnik.com]
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