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Message Subject Sexbots' Will Eliminate STIs and Provide Life-Lengthening Orgasms!
Poster Handle pinkpixiexx
Post Content
In atlantis they had Orgasmatron machines that created a virtual reality were participant was practicing all kinds of sex , whatever he wished.... it led to such an addiction ,rich people from that time ended being hooked constantly to this machines , the energy produced was one of the reasons EARTH became unstable and deestabilized as this machines affected time & space as well (Future & past)
creating effects affecting timelines , the result being paradox & total destruction..

The people entered the machines looking human , came out after several month looking like big headed ant looking aliens , deformed & weakened..

the makers of such machines used draconian bio technology to feed people having no need to be disconnected from it ..

The goverment (as corrupted as Ours in out time )permited such atrocity in name of personal freedom , in a capitalistic feudal state thoose with reason are never listed too , thoose took away and the apocalypse missed them .. atlantis poseidonis lies in the mona chanel located now in ocean depths to the west of Puerto Rico and east of Dominican Republic, goverments have sacked it for years telling no one ..


Quote Anonymous Coward 31345634

Hmmmm well I guess if it really was that amazing every time and available on demand like that then it could become pretty addictive...
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