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Message Subject Sexbots' Will Eliminate STIs and Provide Life-Lengthening Orgasms!
Poster Handle pinkpixiexx
Post Content
You guys are losers, man pussies, lesbians too, all around freaks

If you cant find a heart to heart, real sex partner that gives you a hot time in the sack , you have probs

These things are the fantasies of non alpha people that didnt know how to attract sex or attractive partners,

WOW. you guys are losers.

Just for the record..I'm not saying for one moment that this would be a good thing or that it could replace real partners..I just found the articles and put it up here to contemplate as a very probable part of our future. I can see them becoming an eventual extension of stuff available already;especially their application for alternatives in red light areas. It is the stuff of science fiction that could be part of our reality soon and for me, a sci-fi fan I find it quite incredible to imagine.I thought it was interesting to discuss, that is all. I'm sorry if that makes me a freak on a site that is supposed to be open to all kinds of stuff...rolleyes
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