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If Batman Was "Selected" As a Psychological Device, This Is Why, A Primer To Gun Control

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01/15/2013 12:37 AM
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If Batman Was "Selected" As a Psychological Device, This Is Why, A Primer To Gun Control
Why Batman Is Chosen As A Symbol.

"With a mask I can become something more, I can become a symbol" -batman begins

1.) Bruce Wayne is a vigilante. The epitome of taking justice into ones own hands, circumventing the justice system.

2.) Batman abhors guns. Will never use one.


Batman represents to the core the feeling of anger towards

gun-weilders, batman's disgust of guns implies that

only "evil people" have them. He is used to shape an

underlying attitude that taking away guns, is an heroic

act; And that even if corcumventing the law to accomplish

the removal of arms has to occur, it should be supported as

a neccesary action.

As Psychological operatives plant these concepts

throughout popular culture, ground units act out physical

events, and politicol figures deliver the lay-up shot with


I Don't Neccesarily Believe Everything I Hear About These Conspiracies, But There Are Definitely Unanswered Questions. This Is All Hypothetical

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