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Message Subject A Sandy Hook Youtube Video Based on Real Anamolies and Not Opinion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nevermind OP. I just read the above post detailing that
the kid's name is Chase Kowalski.

And since they live in another town you don't know how they knew each other.

I think it important you find out as much as you can.

The teacher?

What your Aunt's family knows about these people.
Did your Aunt send flowers or donation.

You might have to be cagey to find out the info.
I wouldn't call them out on it, of course.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

I'm not very close to them.

I only see them on holidays if even that (that's why I didn't know about this until christmas eve). I'm not about to start calling or talking to her when I don't even have their phone number and ask them questions about his supposedly dead friend.

I wish I never mentioned my aunt and cousin on my blog post.

Now in retrospect I don't even know why I chose to mention it. Only reason I can think that I included it was to add to the reason that I think we all deserve to know what really had happened, esepcially if there are people out there convinced of real victims.

Please move on from this detail and focus on my long list of other questions that should be answered.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30755225

Hell no.

I just posted on your other thread a few details I picked up about the kid.
The alleged victims is the most important aspect to the whole case.

Without them, they got bupkis.

Your backpedalling away in a hurry and wanting us to is not a good sign OP. Not a good sign at all.
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