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Message Subject A Sandy Hook Youtube Video Based on Real Anamolies and Not Opinion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great compilation of information, and my stance on all this is where you are. I have no idea what happened.

The one major question I have is why would Ryan Lanza have an ID card to the school in the first place if Nancy had no affiliation there. Also if those security systems were put in place so recently before the shooting, wouldn't that card be long outdated for that system if it was 2 years old.

I've actually gone on the sites and watched the videos that are attempting to debunk some of what has been said, and some of it does make sense.

Scott Getzinger just happening to be one of the prop assistants for TDKR is disturbing but he would have no control on what previews were shown before the movie. Aurora was part of the Skyfall trailer not the actual movie itself. Still incredibly odd and a huge coincidence.

Referring to Victoria's facebook page, someone on IGN made a test page and found out you can change the name and the url if a temporary fan page was created. Apparently a temporary page would display numbers at the end which this page showed.

The Nurse was also found by searching another one of Connecticut's medical databases (there's a youtube video where someone finds her). This doesn't explain the nurse saying that Nancy was a teacher though. Some say she could have just been "confused".

One of the reasoning's going around is whoever created the donation page for Emile is a friend from Utah. Since they are 3 hours behind, this might explain the timeline (I'm still really unsure because I don't know how facebook would display timelines)...regardless that's close to the event if true.

I had never seen the photos of the bodies (real/or not) being removed at night. My only guess is maybe they allowed a journalist to take photos to show proof or the photographer payed someone at the scene off to get the scoop. But these photos never really went mainstream (at least I don't think) so I don't see their purpose.

I've read about the satanism link and apparently there was a case in CT (Fairfield Hills?) where their was an underground tunnel in 1984 (I have no idea if this is true, I haven't researched it deep)..but I would hope not.

I also agree that the Exposed video going viral is a good thing. People deserve answers and no one should be insulted for asking these questions.
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