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Subject 7 Crappy Products, Courtesy of the Green Movement
Poster Handle HeroMaker
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[link to pjmedia.com]

In the good old days, consumers got what they wanted. Supply and demand, not causes or ideology, governed product design and manufacturing. Thatís why we have great American icons like the 1969 Chevy Camaro, the charcoal-burning Weber grill, and DDT.

But things have changed. The Green Movementís worship of scarcity has changed the consumer landscape for the worse. Instead of big, powerful, and, most importantly, effective products, in 2012 consumers must suffer with pansy products. Sure, they are designed to save energy and make you feel good. But they just donít work as well as the old, and usually cheaper, versions.

Below are seven crappy products we must endure, courtesy of the Green Movement.

(more at link)
[link to pjmedia.com]
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