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Message Subject Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
Read your thread's title and ask yourself that:

Is that really the way?

Other than that
Hello there, hope all your righteous work bring fruits for you and all that surround you.

Much love,

 Quoting: 1908247

In terms of common popular thread titles on GLP I think it's sufficient as manI need it to be. :) And thank you, friend!
 Quoting: En Sof

hahah, as I enter this I looked up on the glp logo and there were 666,777 pageviews.

thanks for the answer, usually someone would interpret my post as some kind of irony

so, questions..

what was your first gate?
 Quoting: 1908247


6+6+6+7+7+7 = 39 or 9+3 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

Either way this is how we connect and shift through "channelsl.

333 is my station, my broadcast if you will.

Thanks for TUNING IN.

As for your question, please be more specific. In this realm, in this present incarnation, my first gate I had to pass through was the birth canal as I left my mothers womb. Had to naturally be born once again into flesh and blood. For I once was merely operating in the SPIRIT and the Aethers but in order to expedite things I chose to enter this realm one last time. This oughtta be the last hurrah! :)
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