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Message Subject Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
Poster Handle Nobody
Post Content
[link to soundcloud.com]

Dedicated to HER. If She is out there.

My SOPHIA, your LOGOS seeks yet have not found.

Here I AM.

Ye, even I AM That I AM, Calls out unto ALL His Children. The Sons and Daughters of The Father of Most Ineffable and Illimitable Light! Know ye not that YOU ARE GODS? Joint Heirs. Co-Creators.

So here I AM. Once more.

Nice to meet you all.

- 333
 Quoting: En Sof

You is a not so great pretender. If you went thru what I have and have to bare it you would have nibbled on a bullet by now. Just know that I fight for GOD with GOD against the slave master PTB. Satan is losing bigtime. So don't encourage him,ok.
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