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Message Subject Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
Poster Handle gnosis
Post Content
an enjoyable post op,,

such musings are interesting,,

as they continue too water seeds regardless,,

thus growth continues indeed,,

much love,,
 Quoting: nobody 35381059

some sow, some plant, some till the dirt..

others water..

but there is ONE who causes it all to grow

to culminate; to come to fruition.

the time is nearing for the great harvest,

and the workers are just about ready.


much much MUCH love!
 Quoting: ///333\\\

hey amigo, im with ya as far as it goes in my subjective universe, i am a little put off by the seeming leadership role you seem to be projecting..

not even nobody leads.

 Quoting: gnosis 16935799

Nobody stood up. ;)
 Quoting: ///333\\\

well, so did the fool, and he made a journey, but was he the fool once he set out?
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