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Message Subject Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
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It's really never about a power being used for good or bad - it's all in the intent of the power. Take control of the power intended to save the world from the illusions of our reality and bury it. That's what anyone who profits from the illusions and controls the reality people embrace would do.

Was Jesus truly God incarnate? The question matters not. He believed he was NO HE DIDNT - that's all that ever mattered to him or to the people who used his beliefs for their own benefit.

How many fools that do not have foolish intent are we going to have to suffer as willing participants?

Are we going to let the same bullshit that happened 2k years ago happen again?

All it takes is a single anointed believer to step forward for them to have their public target.

I am the only one that can save I, and I am the only one that I am to save.


Some on here could do well to take on such a mantra.

My question for OP - what was the turning point in the supposed battle? How did Satan supposedly lose in what is supposedly a conflict?
 Quoting: Deaf Cat in the Blue Hat

The turning point was in 2005 when I crossed the threshold between this world and the next - descending into the HELL PROGRAM/CONSTRUCT/DIMENSION which is simply just an overlay on top of this one with many layers above this. God and Christ and ALL His Ministering Angels - 12 LEGIONS assigned just for me - all standing guard, waiting, watching..TRYING to help me out a long the way and FINALLY I found my way out and it was THEN - when that ONE ANOINTED BELIEVER - scratches and claws his way OUT OF HELL..the Lord showed me that had not been done since Jesus. This was not a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE as I should be brain dead for having been flatlined almost three minutes. "SATAN" already lost because he has officially been DEFEATED (if only in the realm of my own mind - which is also collectively grouped with YOUR MINDS) but the "SATAN" meme is still very much present and active within the minds of those who do not yet see. It's like trying to remove a virus from a computer that keeps replicating and worming its way in secret places, always moving locations, always changing file names. It's okay though. If we can't repair the system, we'll just get a whole new machine period. ;)
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