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Message Subject Hi, I'm the Nobody! I'll be here all week! Enjoy and ask me a question!
Poster Handle ///333\\\
Post Content

They are preparing a place for me to edtablish rule now as I write this.. I expect it won't be long until arrangements are made. I look forward to what the New Year brings. I can't wait to formally meet you all. This Nobody game has been fun long enough, it's time for Phase II. :)
 Quoting: En Sof

Mr. Nobody, are you and Queen Cher going to rule the earth,

or are the two of you going to be reclusive in a retreat

somewhere in Hollywood?

And, are you, Mr. Nobody, and your partner Cher going to

live together in communal marriage or are the two of you

willing to profess true love for each other in a highly

publicized marriage in Las Vegas?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35395017

I've found a NEW QUEEN.


People move on. Though I'm deeply and truly grateful for all the Women who have offered their love and heart to me - many of whom I let down - still I have CHANGED and I cannot look back lest I become a pillar of salt and all would be for nought. She will heal eventually.
 Quoting: ///333\\\

Bullshit, you poser.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35395017

They would say that. :)

It's okay.

I prove nothing to no man for I am Nobody and the only person I yearn to persuade, impress, petition or plea or PRAISE is The Most High, God, My Heavenly Father.

I don't wish to take a THRONE on Earth in "HOLLYWOOD".

I could have all the KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH but an even GREATER KINGDOM is yet to come.

But behold, it is CLOSE at HAND!
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