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Message Subject Welcome To The New Age, my name is Nobody No. 333
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
What are your thoughts on this?

From September 11, 2001 to February 8 2013 there are 4166 days. For kicks lets say it is 4166.66666 days.
4,166.66666 days = 100,000 hours = 6,000,000 Minutes = 360,000,000 Seconds

The Hebrew Calendars divides days into 25,920 Parts per day. Each Hour has 1080 parts

4,166.6666 days = 108,000,000 parts, 1080 is 1/24 of 25,920.

I have been interested in Calendar Systems and the 2012 Mayan Calendar End Date for several years. Regardless of your beliefs, day by day humanity is moving closer to the Age of Aquarius. Technology and the internet are ushering in a new age. Will there be a specific date that we will record in history as the trans-formative moment? From January 20 2013 to February 18 2013 we will be in the Sign of Aquarius. It would make sense that a New Age of Aquarius be born under the sign of Aquarius. So what else is happening in the sky during this time period?

Mercury the messenger god Conjuncts with Aquarius as the Sun Rises in Aquarius. Mercury is Hermes also known as Thoth of the Emerald Tablets. February 1, is a very interesting date Mars the god of War Conjuncts with the out going Age of Pisces, at the same time Venus, the goddess of love conjuncts with Aquarius. Then Mercury moves into the Outgoing Age. Then Mars Joins Mercury in Pisces. It seems that Feb 8 is the end of this ceremony in the Sky.

[link to www.esotericonline.net]
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