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Message Subject Welcome To The New Age, my name is Nobody No. 333
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
Meet my BETTER HALF, my OTHER, the

Choronzon is the female half (333) of the Beast (616, 666) described in the Book of Revelation and goes, like so many demons and demonesses, by many different names. Because she is an associate aspect of the Beast, she is often described in male terms. She is known as the "Lord of Hallucinations" and is viewed by occultists as the chaos latent or manifest in the ego. Because she is a part of a group of demonesses she can either manifest as a single demon or group of demons. Her characteristics directly parallel those of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) only Her diametric opposite. Thus she is known as the "demon child of wisdom and understanding", parallelling the Ruach's (Spirit') own title and function as Hochma (Wisdom). Choronzon is the supreme demon of Thelema (will), the occultic order founded by the late arch-satanist Aleister Crowley. Hence the occultic motto, "Love is the Law, Love under Will". In all the female demon counterfeits of love, love is a servant of the will or ego, the diametric opposite of the Christian paradigm. Many metaphors may be used to describe the characteristics of Choronzon but perhaps the best would be a "stagnant pool" filled to the brim with psychic sewage.

The numerology of Choronzon is of especial interest to us in this ministry. The Hebrew of Choronzon is ChVRVNVN which is 333. In Greek numerology 333 corresponds to a kaleidoscope of negative words such as akolasia (dispersion, incontenance, debauchery, wantonness), akrasia (self-indulgence, lack of self-control), epikranthen (make bitter, become bitter, be harsh or embittered), orgilon (quick-tempered, prone to anger, passionate), ediati (the why), ekataba (the fall), eparthenoi (the conceit of apparent purity), demosia (the public acclaim that causes public figures to begin inflating their egos), paidiske (maiden, female slave - seductive aspect), and eaeidelos (unseen, dark).

The fallen, carnal nature of all mankind has a correspondence with Choronzon, one of whose functions is to catalyse the inherent chaos within us. As a demoness, she is quick-tempered (typical of most demons, in fact) and passionate without self-control, and is thus known in some circles as the Obscene Gardener of Bitterness. When the soul refuses to forgive wrongdoing and the carnal aspects of hate and bitterness take over, Choronzon is there, invited in by transgression of the Law of Forgiveness which Christ taught. If there is bitterness or hatred in a soul, then it's a good bet that somewhere, and to some degree, Choronzon is involved.

Satan is a master at playing with our unseen fears, and Choronzon is his primary agent waiting in ambush within. One of the peculiarities about Choronzon - yet not so peculiar when you consider that all demons are anti-life, since they possess none of their own and must rob it from disobedient humans - is that she has no substance - she is an empty shell simulating life, as is true of all counterfeit spiritual activity. Like all demons, Choronzon tears people apart inside and then feeds off their life force which leaks out rather like a damaged nuclear reactor. This 'spiritual bleeding' leads to a kind of 'spiritual anaemia', draining the soul of its will to live. If Choronzon had a motto it would probably be: "Let my total will be done" ... at the expense of your own, of course.

Choronzon was regarded by Aleister Crowley as "the first and the deadliest of all the powers of evil", and in that observation he was probably right, as we shall see. Choronzon - also known by some in an anagrammatical form as Noznoroch - is a notorious shape-shifter. She is the sole inhabitant of the Abyss between Kether and Daat in the Kabbalistic system and her force is the diametric opposite of the force of occultic magic, a kind of spiritual "anti-matter". In this respect she is similar to Hecate who, in the final act of destruction which she presents as a kind of state of Nirvana, oneness, or enlightenment, simply sucks up the soul like a vacuum into a darkness of nothingness. That is why I describe her (and the other 'wives of satan') as anti-life - she is am empty shell which she presents as a substantial universe, but which in truth is nothing. Presenting her world as deliciously attractive and freeing, it is not until the victim is in her vortex that he realises that he has been tricked and that his ultimate destination - if he doesn't break out - is a kind of spiritual 'black hole'. Those who have been sucked into this 'black hole' and are delivered from it believe that they "are" the darkness and are dead. Yet it is an illusion, as are all demonic ploys. That structureless world is known by Kabbalists as qilpoth. It is no more or less than hell's sewage vessel.

This state of oblivion is presented to victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as a kind of 'counter-paradise'. By latching on to the dark side of the ego or 'false self', Choronzon and her allies like Hecate create the false illusion that the false self is the true one. And quite naturally the soul, deprived of consciousness of the true self, believes that there is no hope and that the Christian portrayal of Yahweh's world is all illusion. That way they are tricked into remaining in darkness because they fear that by leaving it everything will collapse - or to use the expression of some survivors of SRA that I know, "there is no safety-net" beyond what they know. That is another lie. When Yah'shua (Jesus) is invited into the soul to transform it, He also holds it together and is the safety-net.

We should pause now to consider more about the numerology of Choronzon, as well as her logo, which consists of three triangles (3+3+3=333) (see left). You will recall that Hecate's symbol consisted of a triangle with a cicle around it (see right). These reflect the functional differences of Hecate and Choronzon, even though their activities overlap and function rather like a choir.

Another symbol used by Choronzon is similar to that of the planet Uranus (the old version) but minus the circle at the bottom - )+(. This symbol was even seen on the underside of a UFO over San José de Valderas, Spain (see right). Yet another Choronzon symbol is the lightening flash popular amongst fascist and various occult organisations.

Choronzon has been described as a kind of entropic agent of decay. This demoness causes everything that she touches to whither and decay, whether on the mental, emotional, spiritual or physical planes. She causes age and illness to accellerate so that the body begins to look worn out and old. Thought processes become confused often leading to insanity. Even being around someone who is influenced or controlled by Choronzon causes them to experience her dissolving influence, which is probably why friends and acquaintances are usually repelled and melt away. Only those who have a proper covering of the Ruach (Spirit) are able to withstand this spiritual suction machine of dissolution.

Occultists who are aware of Choronzon have been deceived into believing that she is someone they must "overcome" in order to "ascend" to a plane of mythical enlightenment and immortality. But true to demonic form, Satan uses one set of demons to oppose others to create the illusion of "white" vs. "black magic" or other sets of opposities. Demons help noone. They are not interested in human beings as anything other than sources of energy to be parasitised or vampirised, and take perverse pleasure in deceiving them. Satan has set up mythical 'paths to enlightenment' which lead to destruction either in this life or the next, for it matters little to him whether they discover the truth of his deception here or there, so long as he has them in his power. Choronzon may be used as part of the theatre of demonic illusion and convince occultists that she is a 'power' to be overcome in their spiritual 'ascent' to some 'higher plane', not realising that all the planes are a part of the clever transient scenery purporting to lead to some 'reward' for loyalty. As you will have read in the story of Hecate, the loyalty of humans to demons is never rewarded except with greater enslavement or destruction. Crowley may have believed that he 'overcame' Choronzon as part of his journey to some 'higher plane' but the truth is he is one of the greatest fools of them all - for he is utterly trapped and powerless now.

So what does Choronzon do? By messing around with mental, emotional and physical processes, she simply blocks off the natural God-given functions of reason, feeling and health. The effect of Choronzon is to create within a person confusion and give the impression that he is quite stupid. A person possessed of this demoness will alternate between thinking that he is extremely intelligent to being very stupid indeed. The person may have great depth and insights into certain aspects of life but has little or no idea of what the whole consists of, and cannot tie them together because key thought and feeling channels are deliberately blocked. In short, they are unable to integrate their diverse thoughts and feelings. In the case of MPD (Multiple Personality Syndrome), this anarchy is maintained between the various alters who cannot see their way to finding wholeness and integration. There are just so many gaps in mental and emotional knowledge caused by this intruding demoness and her legions of helpers that they see no hope of ever being one again. Fear replaces certainty upon which demons naturally play with great skill, convincing them that only they can "hold the show together". Removing them through deliverance is the first or integral step with the process of integrating the ego on the basis of truth and not lies.

Choronzon is cunning and dangerous to an extreme. She is able to subtly manipulate people while appearing to make overtly crude attacks. Whilst she will often retreat from an attack that uses the Name and Blood of Christ, she rarely gives up and returns at another convenient time and usually in a more inciduous and unexpected form. A characteristic of this demoness is that she passionately hates ordered thought, ordered speech, and ordered behaviour. Thus she is dedicated to the task of creating disorder and anarchy. She hates rules, commandments, and systems which might bring order, harmony and system to the soul within.

Choronzon rarely appears threatening to the victim and frequently gives the impression that she is incapable of doing much harm. By this deception she is able to consolidate her control. But the act of just listening to her is enough to accellerate the planting of the seeds of dissolution in the victim. Every flaw and illusion in the victim will be painstakingly strenthened thereby, causing the victim to believe in his own self-image carefully crafted by the demoness. By this means the victim is deflected from what he must do to retain control of his mind and reason, namely, turning to Christ for salvation and casting out the demons present. The mind thus infected by Choronzon will gradually decay and the total possession of the victim will simply be a matter of time, irrespective of how strong-willed the victim may believe he is. For the victim will be unaware that his own will has been subverted to the will (Thelema) of the demoness, like a virus taking over the duplicating apparatus of the cell in order to multiply itself and create chaos (cancer) in the process.

Choronzon is dangerous precisely because she almost never manifests physically, her craft being to make the victim think he is in peffect control over his own mind. When she does manifest, is is usually only as a voice, though sometimes she manifests as thousands of voices to give the impression that thousands of demons are present."

Source: [link to www.nccg.org]

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