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Message Subject Welcome To The New Age, my name is Nobody No. 333
Poster Handle En Sof
Post Content
You are using signs from numerology and ignoring those from astrology and alchemy.

You are deceiving yourself into delusions of grandeur by focusing on the power of one and blinding yourself to the power of three.

141 speaks of this in his description of a false avenue of awakening that bypasses an awakened heart. Friend, your heart is not awakened I fear.

The Choronzon you speak of is the same as The Morrigan and Mother Ayahuasca, and no, you do not know her very well at all.

You are applying a dualistic nature to an existence that has none, and falling into the traps laid within the texts to deceive. From 1 to 3. Source to Trinity. That's the only way it happens. You recognize the masculine and feminine forces, but where is your talk of the mediating force?

That's what you need to find to be at peace with yourself and your true purpose.

Technology and the internet are not ushering in a new age. We are the ushers of the new understanding. As a CPU and human brain operate via dualistic methods to reach a unified result, so does the internet operate in much the same way as the spiritual essence of Akasha.

The internet is just another as above, so below manifestation. It is nothing new under the sun.

13 Bak'tuns of rule of man to give rise to the 13 of rule of woman. Surely this revelation came to you in your studies? You can look above for signs or look below - it makes no difference. 12/21/2012 was always about the tipping point of when the masculine and feminine energies would become balanced. There was never any transformative event to take place that would be remembered or heralded as the turning point.

The turning point was within all of us. Our social, governmental, and economic paradigms will adjust to being ruled by the Divine Feminine. It is not up to the Sons of the New Age; it is the Daughters of the New Age that have the messages and revelations.

You are on a feeble path at the moment unless you speak for Her.

Now part the rain clouds of your parade.
 Quoting: Deaf Cat in the Blue Hat


I must take the PLANK out of my own, EYE. ;)

Thank you.
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