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Message Subject Welcome To The New Age, my name is Nobody No. 333
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You are welcome. We all are. Thanks for a very informative post. I will look into this further. I find a lot of this information very interesting and have been researching myself as well as everyone else to the best of my ability. I am more interested in the counter forces that restrict the negative energies that harm our beings I have much faith in humanity and God's plan. I also have faith that every good thing from this existence shall not perish, And that each and everyone of us will be better for having been here. People are waking up to reality. It's not in the history books. It's not on tv. It's inside each and every living thing. Humanity is strength in goodness. Society is a tool of negative energy. I don't know much about how or whom controls it. I do know each and everyone of us are involved in it. I am really not very proficient at explaining in text the things I know or my experiences in life as I perceived them. I do try to be honest about as much as I can. Life is much harder than it needs to be. I have many thoughts on why that is. It really doesn't matter. It can and will be changed sooner or later. Time has no meaning to me.
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