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Message Subject Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ah yes, the "mother" who, three days after her "son" was "murdered", emerges from his "funeral" and is not bothered by the presence of a camera and in fact


while showing no stress, lack of sleep on her face, red eyes

along with all the other people hugging outside the funeral who don't seem the least bit offended by the presence of a camera capturing it all

... because they're all actors.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27531391

In the article I read, she requested an open casket, and she invited the governor to see Noah. She wanted him to put a face to the victims. Noah was shot 11 times, and had an open casket...the bottom part of his face/jaw was covered. I don't like doubting these people, I don't like doubting any of the deaths of the children...it just seems odd to me that a child shot 11 times would have an open casket.

One of the strangest parts of this article is when the writer describes Veronique: "She is wearing purplish pink lipstick and her short black hair is combed into puffy curls around her face."

And Veronique's justification (?) for the above:
"I hope it doesn’t look callous to some people, but I have to keep taking care of myself physically,” she says, “That is what Noah would want. He would want his mom to be the way she always is."

That is what's going to be on the mind of a grieving mother? Why would she say that in the first place? It's like when someone is guilty of something, nobody accuses them of anything, and suddenly they're saying, "I didn't do it!". Guilty conscience?

Read more: [link to forward.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31989439

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