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Message Subject Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
Poster Handle upyoursnwo
Post Content
Does anyone know how many 1st. grade classrooms there were in total?
 Quoting: Nostalgic Rain

I believe there were four. Lauren Rousseau and her entire class of 14 wiped out. She was just hired as a permanent substitute one month prior to the shooting. Her aide, Rachel A'Avino was also killed. She was hired ONE WEEK before the shooting.

And of course, Vickie Soto (she has had a school named after her already!), was killed. She had been there 5 years. Her aide, Anne Murphy, killed, had been at the school 18 years. Six kids from Soto's room also were killed.

The other two 1st grade rooms were not touched because the heros arrived and the autistic 120 lb painfully shy armed to the teeth with armor and guns Rambo killed himself.

Len Pozner is Veronique's estranged husband. At least I assume they're estranged because she joined a singles site last year. And since they're mentioning her puffy curls, I should mention that she joined a woman's hair loss club. I stumbled into that a few weeks ago. So I assume her puffy hair is a WIG. Because, you know, Noah would want it that way. Her son isn't buried? I thought Jews had big rules on burial stuff. It's like her own little version of Weekend at Bernie's. These people are all batshit.
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