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Message Subject Tell me what 'religion' YOU think the TPTB follow ?
Poster Handle 10193131
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the book of the law by A.C
 Quoting: one with the sun 32984204

Actually, you're right. It's now one of the choices for the candidate when asked, Which religion are you? in Freemasonry.

Liber Al is an important manual reference in Illuminism today.

It has been employed with some utility in multiple various branches and outlets of Luciferian propaganda clearing houses, Scientology, Church of Satan, Church of Religious Science, Wicca, etc...

'Man is god' and 'Do what thou wilt' are about the only two things the stupid herd can remember. So that's about all these movement ever get around to saying.

'Love', 'Liberty', 'Lightworking', yada yada. They all come from the Book of the Law.

Thelema seems to be the most currently usuable system of the Order. One simply has to understand that the Luciferian/Horus/Babylonian Aeonic movement is constantly evolving and unveiling. Illuminism today will not be exactly the same as that of 200 years ago or even 50 years ago. Changes and advancements happen all the time, just as they do in the Christian unveiling of the Sons of God.
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