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Message Subject Tell me what 'religion' YOU think the TPTB follow ?
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What Christianity really is and should have been, cause its a astrological religion passed down from the Medo Persian priests of Zoroaster


Beginning in Egypt, Medo-Persia, Sumer and Babylon, the Heros Journey of the Sun God is best known as the story of the birth, life and death of Christ.

Knowing the Metaphysical properties and electro magnetic influence of the planets and alignments upon our neurons and ionic field; characters were drawn into the sky and later written into the Bible to tell a ages old story.

The High Priests and Seers of our ancient past were also astrologers and astronomers who had to tell time and foretell Kings. They knew the accurate prophecy of the luminaries.

Today astrology is a forgotten art, yet the Fallen Angel, known as Satan the Dragon is often taught and still feared in Christian teachings.

The birth of the child in the manger (Cancer) and the virgin (Virgo) Mother and the Lion of Judah (Leo) is Isis and Horus, Mary and Jesus.

Unveil the symbolism of Astro Theology and the true picture emerges. Live out the archetype and origins of faith !







Your astrological sorcery is pathetic. Keep going, though. It will be so much more fun to see your face when you see how the Great Dragon is really cast out of Heaven to earth by Michael and his Angels.
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