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Subject John Lear Interview C2C Sunday NIGHT 1/27/2013
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Excellent interview with John Lear on C2C last night with George Knapp. Information comes to light that Bob Lazar was placed in front of John Lear to spill the beans about Area 51, inclusive of 115. Evidence does not exist that Lazar went to the schools he claimed, however Lazar passed all of the lie detector tests and knew the place of S4, background checks of OSI, all things hard to disregard.

The group figured that Lazar's background was "bad" from the beginning (meaning that the schools could not be verified) but it is the only thing that could not be substantiated. For John Lear, from the summer of 1988 on, for 3 years, was the most exciting time of his life. Lear also spoke about his firing from American Trans Air ( non existent as of this date) as Senior Captain, Following an interview which he gave to the Houston Chronicle,(he had asked not to have the paper publish his name, which they did not honor) Lear was fired on the spot. His ID was yanked and a ticket home issued all within 20 minutes. Lear clams that he was certain that Lazar was planted to leak information to Him. Lazar told Lear he touched "it" all" and that "it" was all true. Lear also said that his phones were tapped during that time.

No one person has come to the front with as much or more of the kind of information that Lazar stated at that time. The understanding and info which we, as the general public received is of great consequence, both then and now -- as well to UFO researchers.

This author's note: A new breed of researchers as well as enthusiasts have come of age and THEY ARE ASKING QUESTIONS AND DEMANDING ANSWERS.

New book out from Grant Cameron about all the history which transpired including information which has been updated and includes documentation.

I found it to be a great couple of listening hours.

Thank you John Lear for your courage and fortitude . You are truly respected throughout these United States especially, and for my generation specifically, for being a full measure of a man. May God bless you and your family!
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