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The reformation of "The Clan"

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01/31/2013 11:53 AM
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The reformation of "The Clan"
Although the huge doomsday prophecy of 2012 was a bust does not mean we are to stop preparing for when the shtf.

"The Clan" has been renamed to the "pact of the woods" or just "The Pact", for short (for those of you who read the 'countdown to doomsday' series of posts).

Our objective has changed but our earnest and dedication has not. We fret on, we continue to prepare for the shtf.
We will prepare for war, disease and famine. We will prepare for our own government's attempts to enslave us, should such a thing occur. We will prepare for natural disasters that could occur in our area, and prepare for the influx of needy, or theiving refugees. We will prepeare for the people to rebel against our government. And, yes we will even attempt to prepare for an extra terrestrial invasion.

The pact's leader the onceandfutureking will be posting periodically information, activities, membership information, and posts pertaining to supplies, and will ash questions to ther like minded GLP'ers. Because GLP, if nothing else, id a wealth of knowledge about these things.

-failure will never overtake us if our determination to succeed is strong enough-
leading after the downfall