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Cannery Open to the Public, for Ontario, Canada Residence

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01/31/2013 12:28 PM

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Cannery Open to the Public, for Ontario, Canada Residence
Hi folks,

For all you preppers out there... I know you may already know that LDS do stock pile their food.. Well, for us here in Ontario it can be hard to find a cannery that is open to the public, that can offer LONG shelf life for some types of food. You have to buy it online and it can be rather expensive, once you pay for shipping.

Well, [link to providentliving.org] has a location in Toronto, Ontario that has a cannery open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays, through appointment only. You can go in groups, but they request it be no larger than 12 people at a time.

They will help you can your items there, provide you with the oxygen absorbers and #10 cans!! They do not have a massive selection, but a lot of the important things! They except cash only.

I think their prices are pretty competitive. I am planning on going in the near future. Anyone interested, maybe we can all hook up to make it a decent group!

Here is a pdf of the list of items you can buy in bulk, or #10 cans!

[link to providentliving.org]