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God Bless Dakota Meyer

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 787724
United States
02/07/2013 08:49 AM
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God Bless Dakota Meyer
Dakota Meyer, American BADASS and MoH recipient, puts Ron Paul, Un-American hatriot and senile douchebag, to shame in public on twitville.

[link to www.military.com]

I believe in the spirit of the 1st Amendment and RiP has the right to express his useless opinions, but he deserves an internationally televised kick in the dick.

If you are not familiar with American hero Dakota Meyer, just read his MoH citation.

[link to www.blackfive.net]

I can't even stay alive on Call of Duty: Black Ops for more than a few minutes, but this guy fought for 6 hours, saved more than thirty people, and lived. And people think that there is no such thing as superheroes with superpowers.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]