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Super Bowl power outage was really creepy

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United States
02/11/2013 02:55 AM
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Super Bowl power outage was really creepy
Power went out at 13:22 left in 3rd quarter
Out for 33 minutes
Half dark / half light
Brother vs brother symbolism
Beyonce's half time show full of symbolism (imagine that!)
The devil commercial w Defoe
And many other things that I'm sure my fellow GLPers will point out.

After watching numerous videos beforehand predicting a possible false flag event and then witnessing the well timed power outage, I felt like I was being shown a big "warning!" Sign. Something about it feels very wrong. The London Olympics opening ceremony was overtly symbolic but didn't make me feel nearly as apprehensive and fearful as the Super Bowl did.

Something happened / is happening. Either they meant to execute an attack of some kind and had to pull the mission for some reason, settling for a blackout with plenty of numerical symbolism, or the whole thing was planned and was some type of message. I mean, how could this happen organically? A power outage at the most watched television event of the year in the USA? In fact, this Super Bowl was the most watched event in American television history. The official explanations scream generic BS.

Does anyone else feel this way?