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Sandy Hook: The real weapon that took lives in Newtown never once mentioned by the MSM

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United States
02/14/2013 12:37 AM
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Sandy Hook: The real weapon that took lives in Newtown never once mentioned by the MSM
After all the theories that have been brought up, the various happenings in the towns and surrounding towns, various players throughout the entire tri-city theater that have been implicated and identified as corrupt, I wanted to put this out there, since I really haven't seen it laid out any where else.

Note *: This was still used as a false flag event, regardless.

Let's say, in reality, a few kids and adults did in fact die. Maybe even more than we think but still less than portrayed.

But lets look at a weapon that has received no mention at all, much less the company that produces that weapon.

A Natural Gas Leak.

Let's say someone owned a gas company that was well established, well funded, and had no ethical issues with writing large blank checks to bribe the people that ran the town across all venues (Various law firms that represent school districts, zoning, mayoral personnel, councilmen, etc), as well as cover-ups of past and present gas leaks and screw-ups.

Say, some area of homes were affected by a leak, or a couple of school rooms, which lead to the deaths of multiple children and adults.

At the time that it happened, Frank and Joe's Big Coch Gas Company send out their damage control specialists, seal off the scenes, and no one except a few that actually WITNESSED the bodies, maintained the sense of normalcy the rest of the day, letting the school out early maybe, just minus the classes that needed to stay behind for "projects"....

The Damage Specialists pull out checkbooks, bars of sweet pure gold, deeds to mortgages, and fake corporations to offer new or on-the-side employment/research opportunities to everyone that can help spin the story.

Let's assume that Frank and Joe's Big Coch Gas have ties to other energy companies and people working much higher up in the gov that could easily recognize the shit storm that would ensue if the truth got out.

F&J's Big Coch Gas fly's out their friends in high places after they've re-assessed the events, realizing an agenda that needed further pushing, and could redress the situation to fit said agenda.

The right people step in, bring in whatever equipment is necessary to provide cover until the new story could be broken, plant or change evidence, and once everything has been covered as well as it could within the time frame they had to work with, kicked off the story as it was spinned for the world to see.

The parents that may have really lost a child, the teacher present in the room of the leaks, and the school "admins" that were "victims" were well compensated by parties involved (mortgages paid off, new jobs provided, huge shush funds made available, as well as all of the proceeds from the Donation Funds created for some or all of the victims, and likely relocation with new identities).

The political figures got their agenda pushing event and threw in the various actors running off in the woods, nuns that looked like men, Darth Vader's northwestern sith cousins, and the Lanza family to keep everyone off the real killer, Natural Gas, and the manufacturer of said weapon, Frank and Joe's Big Coch Gas Company, Subsidiary of Super Duper Port Star Sized Coch Energy Company.

The money paid out for the cover up would have well been much cheaper than the loss in stock market values, regulation forced to make sure it didn't happen again, inspectors to find out that they cut so many corners and bribed so many dirty town leaders that it's suprising that Newtown wasn't a new Space Vehicle set on course to Mars.

Is this what happened? Hell if I know!!! But for everything I've read, the various rabbit holes I've followed others down into, this doesn't actually seem entirely preposterous or difficult to accept considering all the players involved and the accused corrupt tri-city government and attorney's.

Just curious to see how many others that found themselves scratching their heads when they realized that there were victims who had homes with mortgages either zero'd out, not available, or owned by Frank and Joe's.

* Frank and Joe's is not a true entity. Feel free to replace them with any other entity that you feel matches the characteristics noted in said fictionalized dramatization.

User ID: 34379774
02/14/2013 03:01 PM
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Re: Sandy Hook: The real weapon that took lives in Newtown never once mentioned by the MSM
Mmmhhhh! Very interesting perspective!
Mr.Evil  (OP)

User ID: 27570971
United States
02/14/2013 04:27 PM
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Re: Sandy Hook: The real weapon that took lives in Newtown never once mentioned by the MSM
There were a few people here on GLP that were researching the victim's locations, mortgages, and the gas company.

I was hoping one of those posters would see this and respond.