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the government made Craigslist take postings with this site down....Help

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United States
02/16/2013 09:23 AM
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the government made Craigslist take postings with this site down....Help
We have been posting this site on Craigslist like crazy since May. There weren't any problems except for upsetting US marines. The Commission on Civil Rights was contacted, by us regarding the crimes against humanity and were made aware this site was up with evidence against the marines. The DoD has been looking at the site and other government agencies in the last two weeks and now all postings are gone from Craigslist. Again it has been on there and posted like crazy for over half a year with no issues.

Help us continue to keep this site out there. People have posted it on facebook and twitter to help. Clearly the US government knows it's a problem, but also factual, but don't want people to see it.

Just look at the facebook page on the guy who raped the woman, it shows how US marines want to hurt people, not help them. There's some other sites too.

What do you call men who rape women and openly say they hate them?
[link to www.theusmarinesrape.com]
[link to theusmarinesrape.com] facebook page!5a

Even the Secretary of the Navy has admitted his guys have a problem!
[link to www.marinecorpstimes.com]

This congressman who allowed rapes to happen in the military has lost!
[link to www.citizensagainstmarkcritz.com]

Sign This! Warning women before they enlist their chances of being raped!
[link to www.change.org]