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" W H Y "

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02/16/2013 03:14 PM
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" W H Y "
Interesting question.... "Why" ...getting ignored?

The word “WHY” contains only 3 letters and is yet…

par example:
[link to world.time.com]

-The Suppressed History of Planet Earth-
There are many archaeological finds which don’t get recognized because they don’t fit into the official ... Why had this all been ignored in academic circles?

-Serpo And The Ebens Nestingwave-
... are routinely ignored by the UFO community regardless of the documentary ... one has to wonder why this is not getting any air time in the UFO community.

-Countdown to Terror-
The question of why the attacks took place despite the fact that they could have ...... of the FBI, who drive following diplomats, and the people who are getting the ...

-The OneMinute Cure - The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases-
why the handful of U.S. doctors who employ this therapy to cure a wide variety of ... Pharmaceutical companies spend enormous amounts of money to get doctors ..... and had even written about it on a few occasions, I was tempted to ignore the ...

-Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries -
... could not understand why the industry ignored his advanced automotive designs. .... John W. Gulley of Gratz, Kentucky, could supposedly get 115 miles per ...

-Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA-
And is this why this Administration has mounted an Apollo-style program “on steroids” ... Is NASA’s sudden interest in returning to the Moon actually an effort to get ... technology orbiting just a quarter of a million miles away - was totally ignored.

-A study of Reptilians-
You may find yourself saying “how could this group be getting away with mass ... So one may ask “who is making the decisions as to why all this effort is being .... were discovered they are still ignored by conventional history and education.

-The Coming Planet X Panic-
3 Aug 2007 ... Overall, Great Britain seems to be getting the worst of it by some estimates. ... also being reported at an ever-increasing pace and can no longer be ignored. This is why many who have investigated the matter on their own now ...

-Psionic Terrorism-
Just good old-fashioned slaughter, the sort of thing that makes getting up in the .... Just why this is a bit of a mystery but it makes enough folks nervous that they ... and get a little upset, but the bulk of the population will pretty much ignore it or ...

-Vaccine Dangers and Vested Interests-
Get ready for some surprises, especially since the US Centers for Disease .... For a long time I ignored their work. Q: Why? A: Because I was afraid of what I ...

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GOD is nature....better get used to it.
Useful idiots...a Zionist wet dream!
Bloody hell ADL.....sue those
bastards (if not true).
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02/19/2013 01:23 AM
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Re: " W H Y "
I guess that everybody who looked at this topic knows why and don't find this interesting enough to make a comment on....yes? GLP members...great intelligence and always a delight to be visit this place (when not banned by accident)hf
GOD is nature....better get used to it.
Useful idiots...a Zionist wet dream!
Bloody hell ADL.....sue those
bastards (if not true).
[link to zapruder.nl]