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Subject 3 Bright Objects in the Sky Tonight
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I’m in the Pacific Northwest. I was just outside walking my Dog and I was checking out the Orion Constellation and noticed a bright object passing near the constellation. It kept moving and slowly faded away. I didn't think anything of it and said to myself “probably a satellite.”

I walk for about another minute or two and look up again at the Orion Constellation and notice a brighter object that was traveling the same direction as the first one except it was a little more to the left of the first object I saw. It was noticeably brighter than the first object I saw and it slowly faded away as it was traveling along just like the first one I saw. I thought to myself “wow, two moving objects in the same area in the same night that must be very rare.” I thought it was really cool to see two objects like that in one night.

I walk for another minute or two again and I turn around and now I’m facing the big dipper. Guess what? I see another bright object moving across the sky to the left of the big dipper and it was traveling towards the big dipper and this one was a little more bright than the second object I saw and this object was traveling about the same speed as the last two and it also slowly faded away. Wow, I must have been looking in the right directions at the right time to be able to see these bright shining objects all in the same night. I just thought this was kind of odd and wanted to share it with everyone. I think I may go outside and gaze a bit more tonight.
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