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Message Subject how come when we were little, there were ALWAYS porn mags in the woods?
Poster Handle Screwtape
Post Content
lol...holy crap! It was epidemic in my area. We had lots of neighborhoods bordering woody areas.

When I was in elementary school, one day during recess, someone spotted some porn in the wooded hill around the schoolgrounds. Teams of newly-horny recon rangers took to the slopes. Most of the booty(pun/no pun?)was old Playboy material. It had obviously been out there blowing around for some time. The pages I snagged were faded and creased, with the creases practically worn into perforation edges. They had all the aged characteristics of a pirate map.

Anyway, someone ratted in class and everyone who had any was forced to turn it over. I gave a bit of fight...the teacher actually had to pull it from my pocket(is that legal?).

It was like some kind of East German crackdown. I guess I'm lucky they didn't take me out behind the gym and put a bullet in the back of my head.

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