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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Nine's
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We just have cows now. Pigs are too prolific! We had three pigs one day and 27 the next day. Talk about a shocker.

Thats when we got rid of all but one. Then when Orion got so big he was costing us a fortune so we gave him to a guy in the next town over who fixed our fence.

Orion was a pig but he thought he was a loyal shepard or lab. He actually sat when we told him to. Followed us around and my husband loved all 400+ lb of him. If I wasnt around that pig would have been in the house and had its own bed.

He was really sweet and loved to play frisbee and ball. When we would leave the pasture he would look so sad.

The guy who fixed our fence thought he was great and kept commenting that we had a really special pig and he reminded him of Arnold from green acres. He lived alone and we asked him if he would like him and he said yes.

About a week later he came back over and thanked us, said he has coffee on the porch with him every morning and that Orion keeps him company all day working in the yard. The guy fixed trucks on the side, and Orion had free run of 5 acres, including the porch.

We saw him again about a yr later and he had all sorts of pics of Orion laying on the porch and eating tomatoes, etc so I know he treated him like a faithful four legged friend and they probably both enjoy each others company.
 Quoting: flavapor

Wow, Flav, thank you so much for telling us about Orion. Sitting here with misty eyes. So happy for everyone. Poor hubby though, but maybe he takes comfort in knowing how happy he is. It sounds like it worked out well for everyone.

Pigs are the most intelligent creatures. Supposedly smarter than dogs. I've heard people even train them to use a littler box, but that's probably the little mini pigs.

Wish the people down the road could train theirs to use the litter box. When the wind is out of the west, sometimes there's a real piggy smell. LOL. Thanks again!
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