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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle flavapor
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I havent been to a store in a while. Occasionally the grocery store for fresh produce or fish, but I bought in bulk back in January and I should be ok for a few months at least.

I grew a garden this year, it was producing like crazy. I was eating green beans and radishes and my cucumbers were growing like they were on steroids. I was giving them another few days to get bigger before starting to pick them, well my dear husband fertilized it EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK! Now I have nothing but two tomato plants. They were the only thing to survive it. I wanted to ring his neck. I made him feel so bad, but damn it, I worked hard slinging cow shit over from the pasture and tilling it all in the dirt, planting the seeds and then laying hay down on all of it.

I know he was trying to help, but I went out there and said I think the sprinkler isnt coming on and he said he watered. The next day it looked even more wilted. Within three more days every leaf turned white. I have never seen plants just turn white like they were doused with clorox or something.

Now I am starting more green beans because I love them and we have a long growing season here, but I doubt I will get much of it canned. I dont think I will have enough time for that much. Peas and brocoli will go in late August unless its still way to hot.
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