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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Texan Buckeye
Post Content
Well guys, it might just be us on here. I checked my buddy list night and I noticed Tauranga (T) (I don't have schwa symbol! Who knew) She had one on each side of the T. had deleted her account. I was going to message everyone to come over and noticed she had gone. I never ran into her here.

We just got back from a Sam's run. They are really trying hard to hide the empty spaces in our store. They've moved product all over again. We were able to get almost everything we went in for, but I want to go again soon.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

Interesting. Maybe she'll be back. Some are probably taking a break from things. People seem to have some primal urge pushing them toward doing something, but they aren't sure what that "something" is. LOL.

Sounds like with gardening and Sam's run that you're taking care of things. May many rays of awesome shine on you!
 Quoting: Nine's

Thx, gf. You always make me smile! How are you doing over there? We're code red now, too. It seems like most of the summer people have gone home or cancelled out. Cedar Point isn't doing well. We decided we're not using our passes this year. They have said they'll honor them next year. So,yeah. Don't care that much.
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