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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Texan Buckeye
Post Content
Things have changed so much over the last years.

For example, I grew my first tomato this summer


And zucchinis and yellow squash and salsa peppers :)
 Quoting: ~Sloane~

We're renting, so I can't have a real garden. I decided to do what my dad used to do. He had a few 5 gal. buckets and would plant a couple of tomato plants and a couple of zucchini. I did everything he did,, but mine aren't doing so well. One zucchini is dying and one watermelon is too. Then, something ate the whole bottom off my first tomato last night. Probably one of the sneaky squirrels. They are mad because we got a metal baffle to put on the bird feeder pole and they can't get to the feeders anymore.
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

Awww, how disappointing that some sucker ate the bottom of your tomato. It can't be bad if you HAD a tomato, so you are doing better than you think. And some little critter had a gourmet feast from it.

If it was in a bucket and eaten from the bottom, you think it could be a groundhog? Hard to say I guess with so many things liking them. Never saw a squirrel eat one from the bottom though.

I'm doing mine in buckets this year too, and my Early Wonder started ripening, and I watered it, then it poured rain, so it split in a couple places. Have more green ones, but the split one will still taste good even though it's not the belle of the ball.

Have one of my green Kelloggs Breakfast tomatoes waiting for mod approval. Got the pic tonight so it's not great, but it's something. It's easy to be disappointed in gardening, and hope you won't be. It'll all work out, you'll see.
 Quoting: Nine's

Oh, I'm not giving up! This tomato is in one of those raised planter dealies. I got the last one at Sam's last spring. That's why I think it was a squirrel. They've been getting on the porch. Missy, my old kitt from Texas, guards the kitchen door so they won't get her...I mean get in the house!

It could be where I bought them. The one that got eaten is a white tomato, no name. The others, in buckets are a purple German heritage. Two out of three are doing fine. The zuchinis and personal melons weren't named either. The German ones, I got from Home Depot. They doing fine even with the split stem from the wind. The other plants I got from a local place. We'll see. I still have plenty of shredded zuchini in the freezer from last year.
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