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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle flavapor
Post Content
I missed the video.

I have to have humor or I would be depressed. My mom is having mental decline big time.

I have finally got her to agree to see a neurologist, or at least that was yesterday. She probably forgot by today. I am going to look up a good one and just make an appt. Getting her there might be a whole other story.

She is going up to the cabin for a month next week but I have that covered. The lady who cleans and manages it is going to be checking in on her.

Yesterday she went to the hospital and told them she had been drugged at the restaurant she had lunch in. Posted it on FB and everything using the restaurant name. Hopefully they dont sue her for that.

She has been messing with her meds because she doesnt like meds, but these are heart meds she has been on for 7 yrs already and now she says they make her forget things and decides to cut back.

The first question I asked her was did you take your meds and she said she weened herself off them as of the day before!

She is giving me a run for my money. I am trying to get her to move closer, but one day she is all in with that and the next she isnt.

I'm sure this next chapter in my life can keep you all rolling with laughter for a few years. "The MOM chronicles"
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