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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle flavapor
Post Content
TB funny you mention going down hill after your dad passed. That is what I think happened to my mom.

She has always had adhd and been one of those people that had a busy day, every day. When her husband of 30 yrs got alzheimers a few years ago, she kept him home until it was impossible to do so. Then she put him in an ALF where he was for a few years until his passing. At first, all of their busy life as a couple dwindled because he stopped communicating.

I can only imagine how your friends slowly abandoning you must feel. She grew depressed and lonely because she couldnt leave him alone. Mom made new friends by opening an airbnb, that way she could be home and still have friends around. She is one of those people who "never met a stranger".

It worked out well for her, so well that when she finally put him in an ALF she expanded her airbnb to all her extra bedrooms. She made 40 grand last yr from airbnb.

He passed in February, one day shy of their 35th anniversary. She felt sad and relief at the same time.

This was right about the time Coronavirus was making a debut and she shut down her airbnb temporarily due to the virus. She does still see friends that she knows are safe here and there, but the 45 day lockdown has been difficult for her and of course many of her friends are still not socializing.

Because she was always so busy with airbnb, I did not see or talk to her much then, but now I am talking with her all the time, so I am not sure if I am only noticing now or it has been going on for a while. When we did talk previously it was about her life or the kids etc.. it wasnt about her bills and other important things we talk about now. Her memory loss seems to be short term only at the moment and I know that is how it starts. She is going from trusting total strangers, to being paranoid.
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