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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Nine's
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Awww TB, I'm sorry. That caregiver stress tests just how heavy a load you can carry. Know that you're not alone.
There are always things to deal with and once you do, a few more pop up to take their place. It seems never ending.

Does your mil get meals on wheels? If not, you might want to look into it. Would help in several ways. What looks to be a delicious meal would be delivered every day. She'd have contact with someone outside of family, someone is checking on her daily, and it's one less meal for you to worry about for her.

That was so nice of you guys to take her supper and groceries. She must have enjoyed that so much. Does she do any crafts, or computer things?

Have you considered grocery store online ordering and pickup, or delivery to help you limit your public contact? There are grocery stores and pharmacy's that can save you a world of stress and keep you safer. That's my main method now. Keeping the receipt is good for a good guesstimate of when someone is going to be needing another purchase. Like you, I'm not supposed to be out and about. Stayed home all winter, now it's become all summer. LOL.

How are your kidneys doing? Are you under a Dr. care right now? Feeling ok?....or as ok as can be expected.

It has to be a real burden to miss the grands. Makes you really think about long ago when people had multiple family homes. It's easy to think how that must have lightened many loads.

You're a real rainbow in your mil's world. Hope you see some in your own life real soon. Truly do with I could help you. Virtual hug is the best I can offer.
 Quoting: Nine's

I'm better today. I'm sorry if I worried you. I had been in a weird place for a few days.

She used to be a crafter, back in the day. Not anymore. She's been watching her old movies on Turner Classic and puzzles. I've been scouring the stores that we go to to find new ones for her. I found a cool bird one at the birdseed store yesterday.

She still cooks and takes care of herself. She was falling awhile ago, but the doctors adjusted her meds and she is better.

I thought about doing delivery, but talking to my daughter and some other friends, they haven't had the best of luck with it. If it gets really bad, I don't know what we'll do. Cross that bridge when we get there.

I finally got a referral to a nephrologist. I'll have to call my pcm on Monday to get that started. My kidneys seem to be ok. I just wish I could get my sugar numbers back down to normal. They were until about 6 months ago. Don't know what changed. He's going to do another A1c when we go back in September and then we'll adjust.

I guess that's it for now. So far the kids are all good. Anyway, thanks for the hugs. I'll take whatever I can get! LOL
 Quoting: Texan Buckeye

You don't have anything to be sorry for, TB and it's appreciated when you share how things are going.

It's a concern taking care of someone else when your own health is a delicate situation. How high are your sugar levels? Will be good when you can get some help or reassurance.

I haven't tried the home delivery yet either. Don't know if they're offering it this far out yet, but all my grocery shopping now is done online and picked up and it works out real well. I just drive up, they open the back, put the food in, and away I go.
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