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Message Subject Coffee Klatch
Poster Handle Texan Buckeye
Post Content
I had to work outside the house all day yesterday and boy oh boy.

I needed to shop for stuff in home depot and lowes and NOTHING is available.

I do this all the time in my business and every appliance they have is not in stock and delivery dates are 2-5 weeks out. What does someone who just had a frig run die on them do??

It prompted me to buy new parts for my well and other items that typically need to be replaced often like breakers for elec panel.

China is not shipping and whatever is made in the USA is not enough, I see big problems with this moving forward.
 Quoting: flavapor

I nursed my old frig for a month before we could get a new one. I really tried not to have much in it. The freezer part worked just fine, but the fridge would go about 5 deg. above temp. I was throwing tons of stuff away. Then the washer started leaking again and I just said NOPE! I used the money my folks left me to replace the old. Thankfully, it was in the tiny window. They had them in the warehouse, but it still took 2 weeks to get them delivered. The freezer took 4 months. I almost gave up on that. Glad I didn't.
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