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lol green party

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 34318230
United Kingdom
02/23/2013 10:30 AM
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lol green party
Green Fascism is rampaging - here's how to not feel so guilty and realise we're pretty well driven into being un-PC by the powers that be and the economic institutions they force us to use by denying us the freedom to choose a slow quiet uncompetitive lifestyle where we have time to stand and stare...

Like Brighton Council foisting a megalithically ill-considered STOOPID traffic system in Lewes Road on us - publishing seriously inaccurate statistics to support their case - not replying properly to objections raised in their so-called consultation process - just because as far as they're concerned the bicycle reigns supreme [well ahead of pedestrians too!] and everybody else can go hang - for their information - not all of us can manage a bike in this seriously flatness-challenged city built on more hills than Rome!] - yet they're civil engineers [a branch of technology I have deep respect for] are encouraged to rip through the roots of Elm Trees [Brighton is a rare Island of Elms in a DED ravaged country] and they send a tractor with a flail attachment to 'trim' the shrubs in semi-rural Burstead Close as if it were a field hedge .....
well - it is my birthday - I think I've earned a day to vent my prejudices in public