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Subject ***VISION OF THE RAPTURE?**** February 24 at 4:30 AM PST
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I had a very scary vision of what I believe is the coming rapture. It happened early this morning, February 24th 2013. I was in bed, half-asleep, with the drapes closed and the window shut. I suddenly saw an image of my room, crystal clear in my minds eye and more vivid than anything I had dreamed of or imagined in my life. I thought I was awake.

And in the vision, I was laying on bed, just as I was in real life at that moment, but my curtains were wide open and the window was slightly open. And I beheld an impossibly bright moon which was casting bluish/white moon glow throughout the clear sky and into my room. In front and to the right side of the moon was a heavenly object: a strange semicircle with a slash through it. Like a cross but not quite. I had the strange sensation that everyone was fixed on it like I was

And then, while looking at the object, I started to lift towards it, like it was a magnet and I was a piece of metal. I had no control. It was the strangest sensation, one I had never experienced before and the beginnings of what I now believe was a true OBE. But as I started to go towards the window and the object beyond, indeed when I had barely started to leave my body I fell back into my body and the semicircle and slash disappeared. I felt dread.

Then, still in that strange state, visions of things I had done wrong in my life started flowing into my head. I felt terribly judged. :(

I woke up and was on my bed, in the same position as I was at the end of the vision.

The vision was so strong I thought it was real and that something earth changing had happened. I was so scared. I thought I was left behind. I immediately opened the curtains and looked for the moon, but the sky was overcast in LA early this morning. No moon or moonglow was visible. Still not satisfied, I listened to hear of others in my apartment complex or outside were awake. Had everyone just experienced that? There were some stirrings but no one talking or anything. I even thought about checking this site or the news. It was so real and very traumatic.

This experience has changed my life and I am vowing to live like Christ. I believe I was given a warning. Maybe a final warning. I believe this event is imminent, because in the vision everything was exactly the same as it is now. Even the time of the year felt the same.
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