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Message Subject ***VISION OF THE RAPTURE?**** February 24 at 4:30 AM PST
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, it is why evil is getting more ruthless.

I went through transformation in February, seems many people did near the beginning of this year.

I was smoking one pack a day, one to two pots of coffee, just bad bad bad, all of that changed in an instant. I went through fucking hell to realize i do not want to even fucking teeter on being bad.

I got an attitude now because i ate something wrong that is disturbing me, so it is reflected in my attitude, but i vowed never to go back to my old ways of self-abuse, toying with evil.. I will not do anything evil or bad, i do not want the worst person in the world to experience what i did..

But i am glad i experienced it and am better for it. To sum up what i experienced, i was fucking aware of all the fear in the world and i couldn't turn it off. No matter what it was over i was just aware of it. It helped me purify myself but i have been recovering still to this day.

We are not alone, as i said, MANY people all over the world are spontaneously going through these changes, purifications.

I don't necessarily know why but i think it was due to a spiritual marriage, Sathya Sai Baba and Vasantha Sai in May.

I noticed the dark nighttime is SUPER FUCKING DARK. What i went through wiped my knowledge clear. As i have only very recently been re-learning truth i noticed i can see better at night, whereas before i was just complaining that as a smoker i could see better at night. I have had to re-learn many things.

God is with us.
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