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Message Subject Bye Bye American Economy: UAE and Saudi Arabia moving reserves out of Dollars to Euros: You can thank Bush for it, the Traitor
Poster Handle Johnny Danger
Post Content
Albert Pike, Confederate General, and KKK Founder, whose statue stands today on Capital Hill planned for 3 world wars.

The Third would pit Political Zionism against Islam. The theory is once the Nations fight themselves into a state of exhaustion, they'd be ripe for any "Order' presented to them by the Globalswine Elitists.

This is coming to fruition in our days.

Listen to the entire Myron Fagan presentation on the Council on Foreign Relations on my website. Must have Real Player:

[link to truth4you.no-ip.org]

It would be better if you don't stream the Audio. Rather right click and Save Target As.

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