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Message Subject Bye Bye American Economy: UAE and Saudi Arabia moving reserves out of Dollars to Euros: You can thank Bush for it, the Traitor
Poster Handle Johnny Danger
Post Content
Well considering we are in debt, and Dollars have always been Fiat Money, yes, they are back by debt. And the Internationalist Bankers get rich by fractional income. Kind of like the computer virus in Superman III. They make big money on debt, and it use to be the middle class that carried the load. Now, they have declared war on the middle class, and are trying for a two class system: The haves and have nots.

JFK tried to do away with the Fiat Money, and go back to Silver Certificates, that is, money based on Silver. He even had them printed up, and put into circulation. But this ticked the Internationalist Bankers off to no end, and they had him assassinated, in broad daylight.

And to this day, we still haven't found his brain, which was removed on the trip back to washington.

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