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Message Subject Bye Bye American Economy: UAE and Saudi Arabia moving reserves out of Dollars to Euros: You can thank Bush for it, the Traitor
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Getting them to accept the American dollar is a good idea until they get enough of them that they try to buy something, like our ports. When they find out that the dollars don't really buy what they want, then it is time to go to something else.

On another post - no they didn't find JFK's brain. He was hit with an exploding slug so that he wouldn't survive a through and through. If you have watched the original movie "The Day of the Jackal" - not the recent one with Bruce Willis, you saw the Jackal preparing bullets to assassinate Charles De Gaulle. He drilled the tips of the slugs and filled them with mercury fulminate. Mercury fulminate is found at the base of the bullet where the firing pin strikes it. It sets off the whole round. Putting it in the tip of the slug makes the slug explode when it hits the target. When the jackal shoots a practice round at the pumpkin, the whole pumpkin blows up instead of having a hole through it. The brain had to be removed and disposed of or people would have found mercury fulminate residues in it.
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