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Super Position...and your health

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03/03/2013 12:54 PM
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Super Position...and your health
This is a weird post....

I'll just try and keep it short.... then I'm going to bed.


I'm not sure about my theory on this. But I was reading this book called "Confessions of a Medical Heretic". It's writen by a MD. He said don't go to hospitals unless you have a broken arm or something like that.

He claims that you'll likely get "diagnosed with something".

Now I have a theory on that. Lets say you feel ill in some way. You go to the DR. They do some tests. You're worried because in the back of your mind you think "I hope it's not serious like cancer or something".

So cancer is one probability. They get the reading back. The Dr says to you "oh no it's cancer".

Now I think what happens here is a weird event. Because maybe it was cancer, but maybe cancer was just a random probability sitting out there in super position.

the moment you worried, got the test, and then got diagnosed it's possible it went from super position to reality. And then at that point you actually do have cancer.

Where as if you had just stayed home, you wouldn't have worried about it, you wouldn't have thought of "cancer". You wouldn't have gotten a cat scan and you wouldn't have gotten diagnosed. Therefore what might happen is the probability of it being cancer would have stayed in super position and it wouldn't have manifested.

What might have more likely manifested is the belief that what you're experiencing was just some common ache or pain and it passed on it's own.

So would not knowing (not getting scanned or diagnosed) and or not thinking or worrying about it actually prevent things from showing up in your body?

Personally I tend to think so. Your thoughts? 1dunno1